Our CEO Stefan Sandström at the BioJapan 2023 event in Yokohama.

Reflecting on a dynamic day at BioJapan 2023 at Yokohama Pacifico, some 30 minutes by train from Tokyo. The atmosphere was charged with forging relationships, collaboration and innovation. This brilliant event served once again as a crucible, bringing together experts from all over the world. During COVID-19 it was more of a domestic affair. Now, we’re back at celebrating the life-giving brilliance of business acumen coming together with scientific prowess and governmental support. Engaging dialogues and seminars painted vivid pictures of biotech’s evolving landscape and its boundless commercial opportunities in the Japan Pharmaceutical Industry.

The hunger for new talent in the innumerable areas of unmet medical needs was tangible!

In the last decade, the industry has undergone transformative growth from all aspects. What this year’s event underscored is the limitless potential. It’s true! When armed with the right tools, unwavering curiosity, deep scientific understanding, and sharp business acumen: the World changes. This is the essence of what BioJapan is all about.

The global representation at BioJapan this year was commendable. Trade Missions from regions and nations included Spain, UK, Italy, the Netherlands, the EU, Montana, Maryland, China, Taiwan, Korea, Belgium, Germany, and the Czech Republic. It was a notable observation that Sweden, despite its prowess as a leading ATMP nation, didn’t have a pavillion. However, The Swedish company Pelago AB held the Swedish banner high with their own booth.

To all stakeholders in the various biopharma sectors, whether representing companies, research projects, institutions, or governmental initiatives: Knowledge remains our foundation. Collaboration is our gateway. And with astute business acumen, we soar to new heights in bringing a better future!

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