Attendees in the networking and insights event at the Nihonbashi Life Science Hub during the UK Life Science Symposium 2023.

Event: The UK Life Science Symposium 2023
the Nihonbashi Life Science Hub in Central Tokyo
Host: Link-J
Date: The day before BioJapan 2023
Driving Force: London & Partners (Ex MedCity)

This was no ordinary event. It underlined the power of international collaboration, much like the recent successful UK trade missions to Japan in different industries. With strong UK representatives from academia, infrastructure, the NHS, and leading enterprises engaging in the symposium, the focus was not only on showcasing strength but on setting up actionable business intent and collaborative R&D opportunities. The seminar was an inspirational model for all ambitious trade missions, emphasizing relationship-building as the cornerstone for driving business. (In Japan, relationship-building is definitely where to start!)

The event’s structure drew from age-old, proven strategies, ensuring that networking opportunities were not merely exchanges of business cards. The key lies in setting up the potential for strategic engagements to come to life. You need to aim at establishing long-term value creation from the POV of relationships. This means that the quality of the people you invite needs to be matched perfectly! Thus, the professional atmosphere was optimized for outcome-driven discussions, and the relationship bridges were curated to answer the critical question of “what’s in it for you?” ensuring every interaction had the potential to develop into a tangible collaboration.

Biosector understands the importance of such detailed and thoughtfully orchestrated events. As a bridge connecting stakeholders across the global business landscape, we understand it’s a tough choice. We stand ready to leverage our expertise to support ventures in this vibrant ecosystem. Bridging huge distances and time zone differences is at the core of what we do.

With the UK demonstrating its commitment to creating a fertile ground for long-term partnerships, at Biosector, we can only applaud and wait for other trade missions to follow suit. We invite you to reach out. Let us guide you through this ecosystem and explore together the promising future that collaborative engagements have to offer in Japan.

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